About project

The IN-Generation is a nationwide project that focuses on education of children, teachers and parents in the area of internet literacy. The IN-Generation project is realized by the European Leadership & Academic Institute (ELAI) in cooperation with other partners of the project.

The IN-Generation project focuses predominantly on the following topics: digital world around us, digital footprint, online identity, communication online, dealing with online advertisement, effective searching on the internet, responsible and ethical behaviour on the Internet and internet safety.

The IN-Generation project takes place directly at elementary schools around the Czech Republic (see map of schools). To schools, the project offers the following:

  • Interactive multimedia educational programmes

  • Seminars and workshops for children, teachers and parents

  • Participation in project days and other activities based on the use of online tools

  • Presentation of students‘ and school project on the YouTube Channel of the project

  • Cooperation in creating of educational materials

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The main goal of the project is to bring the topics of internet literacy directly to elementary schools. We strive to show the students, their teachers and parents that using the Internet is not a threat but an opportunity for personal growth of the younger generation.

The project will enable schools to fulfill the requirements of the ICT standards for education.

The goal of the project is to provide:

For children

  • Interactive entertaining online educational materials

  • Participation in the preparation of educational activities for their peers as well as teachers and parents

  • Presenting their work through the YouTube channel of the project.

For teachers:

  • Samples and ideas of digital educational materials

  • Short activities and lesson plans to use even in classes without the Internet, computers or interactive boards

  • Space to create and share new education materials

For parents:

  • Participation at seminars and workshops realized by experienced lectors

  • Advice and information on the topics

The goal of the project is to support the level of internet literacy in the Czech Republic.

Our team

Meet the people behind the project - read about them in the section our team.

Project partners


Google Czech Republic: the mission of the company is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Unity School of Informatics (JSI):  is a professional organization that brings together educators and experts in ICT in education. JSI was created to acquire and disseminate knowledge and experience in using ICT in education in the Czech Republic and abroad and actively contribute to the implementation of ICT in teaching and its use involved.


E-bezpečí:  is a nationwide project aimed at prevention, education, research, intervention and education related to risk behavior on the Internet and related phenomena. The project is realized by Virtual Communication Risk Prevention Centre of the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic and in collaboration with other organizations. The project focuses on the dangerous internet phenomena that threaten both children and adult internet users.

EDUin:  is an independent organization that promotes discussion of education so that is becomes a society-wide issue. It informs impartially on the area of education and promotes an open and substantive dialogue. The key areas of the company include: systematic PR activities in the field of education, facilitate communication between the media and professional, debate on the issues of efficiency and quality of education, networking specialists and other people interested in the topic of education, popularization of research findings, studies and analyzes, the popularization of information on how we learn and educate.

Česko mluví o vzdělávání: extensive campaign for a new formulation of the objectives of education and continuity of educational policy in the Czech Republic.



Česká škola:  the Web portal is focused on primary and secondary education, its readers and contributors are mainly teachers, school management and the public who are actively interested in what is happening in this area.


CZ.NIC: is an interest association of legal entities, founded in 1998 by leading providers of Internet services. The key activities of the association include operation of the domain name registry for the .CZ domain, operation of the CZ top-level domain and public education in the area of domain names. It's long-term aim also is monitoring the advancement of internet technologies and the information society.

3Q: Headquartered in Switzerland, aims 3Q International AG to optimize the customer with an innovative lifestyle design, with products and services at attractive prices.Our customers have a brand product developed according to Swiss quality standards. 3Q leads the way into the advanced digital era, thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many products in consumer electronics and accessories


Nebuď oběť: Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies Association (a.k.a. Don’t Be a Victim) is focused on preventive education of pupils in elementary schools, teachers and parents in areas of dangerous use of the Internet and communication technologies. The association warns against possible misusing of personal information and it gives information about new phenomena in cyberspace such as sexting, grooming, phishing or happy slapping.