"The IN-Generation project is an asset to the Czech Republic because its goal is to incease the competitiveness of Czech students."

Michal Mejstřík, National Economic Council of the Czech Republic


"I really appreciate that the IN-Generation project focuses on ethical use of internet."

Tomáš Sedláček, Economist


I believe that this project will achieve to emphasize how important the difference between information and knowledge is. There is too much information on the internet and it is necessary that the young generation learns to select the substantial, which is knowledge.

Rudolf Haňka, Chief Advisor to the Government of the Czech Republic


The knowledge of information and communication technologies is a necessary prerequisite of success in modern economies and global competition. More than ever, the Internet is much more than just webpages and it offers a whole range of possibilities to increase productivity of people, companies and the whole economy. It is a fast developing area and a project which supports the wide spreading of knowledge in this area can only be beneficial.“

David Marek, Chief Economist Patria Finance