Pilot schools

  • The In-Generation project focuses on current topics including the digital world around us, digital footprint, online identity, communication online, dealing with online advertising, effective internet search, responsible and ethical behavior on the Internet, and Internet safety.
  • Our educational activities can be used to cover some of the current changes in the RVP ZV (framework educational standards for primary education in the Czech Republic) and ICT standards for education.
  • Your school will be presented on the map of participating schools including the extent of your involvement.

What you receive


Educational materials for classroom


Downloadable materials that teachers can use in the classroom and parents at home. Each educational set contains worksheets for students, lesson plans for the teacher, and information for parents. The handouts for students are designed for printing and students’ work in the classroom. Materials for teachers are methodological instructions, full of practical advice. Information sheets for parents specify the topics and offer additional suggestions for discussions and other activities at home.



Workshop for teachers



Teachers will become more familiar with the topics of the project and their significance for pupils and students. They will see examples of practical activities based on the handouts, ideally realized with a group of pupils or students of the school. They will better understand what participation in the IN-Generation project involves and what tools for easier cooperation of teachers and their classes have been prepared.



Interactive educational performance



Interactive music performance is based on the project’s topics and is directly connected to the educational materials available for download. Pupils and students are drawn into the plot by means of communication they are used to and that allow them to better understand the relevant issues.



Options for cooperation


We have prepared two packages for you:  

You can select one or more packages!


Choose one package (WORKSHOP or PERFORMANCE)

a) Workshop or performance (choose one or the other) will take place at your school and you provide us with feedback
b) By the end of the calendar year you will pilot three educational sets at your school (during regular lessons, while substituting, or as an extracurricular activity), and will provide us with feedback

Choose two packages (WORKSHOP and PERFORMANCE)

a) Both the workshop and the performance will take place at your school, and you provide us with feedback
b) By the end of the calendar year you will pilot three educational sets at your school (during regular lessons, while substituting, or as an extracurricular activity), and will provide us with feedback
c) You will pilot three further sets by the end of February of the following year


Following the workshop and/or the performance, you will receive a phone call from us and we will ask you a few questions about your satisfaction with the event and your teachers’ and students’ responses.
After using each educational set, there is a brief questionnaire to be filled in.

We appreciate your activity

You can receive one free service from our offer for each completed package and feedback.


We offer to:

  • Organize a hands-on workshop for teachers and parents about the interesting use of mobile technology in the education of children.
  • Arrange paperwork associated with the launch of Google Apps for Education for your school. We will set the basic functions of this service for any number of students and teachers.
  • Organize a hands-on workshop on effective use of Google services for the management and education.

WARNING! A complete and current set of benefits can always be found on our website. We are preparing many more options in cooperation with our partners.

Participation of schools also involves the following

  • Each school needs to appoint a teacher as a "contact person".
  • To share information about events in the project with the pilot schools, we will use the Google+ social environment. The "Contact person" (or other member of the school staff) should have an authorized Google account.
  • The school will support their students and teachers in creating photo documentation of the school’s active participation in the project, shared at least in the non-public section of the project’s social environment.
  • We will appreciate basic publicity in the local press and local newsletter. We will be glad to provide you with materials for articles.


Things to do as soon as possible

  1. Choose the package that suits you best.
  2. E-mail us your choice at: vosahlikova@elai.cz and we will then call you to agree on a suitable date for the realization.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to vosahlikova@elai.cz or call 774046005.